Career Guidance Consultations

Your first appointment usually takes approximately two hours and  cover specific aspects for career development including:-

  • Assessment of Career Interests

  • Subject selection for Years 10, 11 and 12 students.

  • How and when subjects can be changed.

  • Prerequisite subjects for University degrees, College Diplomas and apprenticeships.

  • Information on scholarships and costs of studying.

  • Identify career and study interests/areas and develop pathways from Year 9 and 10 through to completion of Year 12.

  • Entrance into University, College or Australian Apprenticeships.

  • Study skills and time management strategies.

  • Information on employment opportunities and professional development.

  • Resume preparation, Career Portfolio creation, Job application and Interview techniques, Part-time work options and additional skill acquisition.

Subject Selection & Course Information

OnTrack Careers prepares students in Years 11 and 12 for tertiary study or trade & employment.  We ensure correct subject selection and following results are in line with future career interests and study opportunities.


The consultant will provide you and your family with up-to-date information from Universities, Colleges, employers, government agencies and on-line resources to develop a study pathway suited to your interests.


Information includes the study options at University, TAFE, Private or Agricultural Colleges, as well as advice on apprenticeships, traineeships, work experience, employment or a combination of these.

QTAC Application Assistance

Changing subjects in Year 11 and 12 is determined by the policy of each school. If a subject cannot be changed but is needed as a prerequisite for Uni, there are bridging courses in order to meet the prerequisites for a uni course available for the duration of one semester after the completion of Year 12.

The Queensland Overall Position Score (OPS) is based on the assessment determined by subject teachers in your school. We outline how to estimate a likely OPS Range based on past results and then set targets for future performance. 

Study Skills & Time Management Sessions

Time management is essential for senior students and we help the client develop a Time Management Chart during the appointment.  A successful Time Managment Plan will support a successfull balance between study, sport, part-time work, music, other interests, family and social life.

Career Portfolio Creation

OnTrack Careers consultants will provide you with up-to-date information from Universities, Colleges, employers, government agencies and various additional resources. 


This information will be used to create your own personal Career Portfolio for use when applying for study at u\University, TAFE colleges, private or agricultural colleges, apprenticeships, traineeships or part and full-time employment.


OnTrack Careers recommends completing practical, short skills courses and certificates which employers seek when hiring.


Volunteering work can lead to paid and connect you to organisations where new relationships creating future employment can be accessed.  Guidance and information across various areas is provided during your appointment.

Resume Preparation & Interview Skills

A quality Resume is essential for students and graduates or seeking a change in your career. We help you to develop a professional Resume and Covering Letter so you present well every time.


OnTrack Careers helps our clients develop a professional business style Resume and Career Portfolio. The Career Development process during our consultation offers recommendations of study or employment pathways which match the career interests and aspirations of the individual.


Gaining quality employment is essential for developing skills and creating a fulfilling study/work/life balance. Whether a Secondary or University student, a graduate or those seeking  career change, our consultants will listen to your experiences and develop a positive, concise and professional resume.

University & TAFE Course Information

OnTrack Careers provides information for choosing the right program and information for life at University. Whether planning to go to University or elsewhere, there are many questions to be considered.


  • What are MY Career Choices?

  • Will that meet my Interests?

  • Do I have the knowledge, skills, abilities?

  • Which University?

  • What degree?

  • Tertiary Application process?

  • Single or twin degree?

  • Full time or part-time?

  • Internal or external?

  • How to change using my GPA?

  • How to balance study and part-time work?

  • What are the job prospects when I graduate?

OnTrack Careers  provides information on study costs including HECS/HELP/CSP loan schemes, expenses such as books, computers, stationary, photocopying and how to find discounts on various items.


Obtaining paid, quality, part-time work can be difficult and On Track Careers has information on employment options, how many hours to work and budgeting.


OnTrack Careers helps you develop a business-style Resume and Career Portfolio including information on a range of licences and practical short courses to improve employment outcomes. Volunteering and study exchange programs are encouraged and information on opportunities can be provided.


Relevant work experience or vacation employment is essential for future graduate employment and OnTrack Careers can provide information on potential employers and other agencies.

Job Application & Interview Skills  and Building a Professional Network

With a quality Resume our consultants can assist with the challenges of finding quality work, whether you are a student, graduate, already in the workforce and considering a job change or considering returning to the workforce. Some of our services include:-

  • Preparing professional and creative portfolios.

  • Job Application letters

  • Refining Interview Techniques.

  • Applying for graduate positions.

  • Alternatives for entry into the workforce .

  • Volunteering work.

  • Gaining part-time work whilst studying.

  • Information and skills to develop a professional social network and public image.

  • Assistance with LinkedIn and other social platforms.

  • Marketing and promotional techniques to help you stand out from the crowd.

Career Change? Mature Age Study? Employment Re-Entry?

On Track Careers assists those seeking a change in career or employment cicrcumstances. Our career consultants will work with you and partners or family members to identify other career interests and provide information to -


  • Identify other career interests and how to make a career/industry change or a career shift.

  • Further study options for mature age students.

  • Professional Resume and Career Portfolio and Interview preparation.

  • Where to find employment and assists with preparing job applications and interview techniques.


On Track Careers can help Mature Age clients seeking career information and options. 


Examples of assistance include:-


  • After working since leaving school, I now need extra qualifications.

  • But what do I study? When? Where? How? Costs?

  • To advance my career I need a postgraduate qualification - which is best for me?

  • Change in family circumstances and balancing work / life commitments.

  • To enter or re-enter the workforce after a break - but what are my options?

  • Do I need a career change or a career shift?

  • What about starting my own business or consultancy practice?

  • Using professional networks to obtain employment opportunities.

  • English literacy or communication assistance.

  • Social networking and on-line profile presence.