On Track Careers is a private business providing professional career guidance and up-to-date study information to individuals and families within the Queensland and Northern New South Wales region.

A Career Development planning process incorporating the clients interests with related study and employment  information directs the client from Secondary School to College, University, Apprenticeships or employment. Developing a Career Plan for Life is our aim for every person we have the opportunity to assist.


OnTrack Careers offers up-to-date independently researched information on Careers and Courses.  We meet with individuals and families to provide direction and support and guidance for making informed choices about career and study decisions.  We facilitate and plan suitable pathways for everyone, whether they are in Secondary School, College, University, Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Employed or Unemployed.  Your future is well on the way to being mapped out with the provision of our Career Development Portfolio and the many services we offer in order to assist you with the information and tools needed to create your own success and future opportunities.


The On Track Careers consultants have many years of practical experience in teaching, private enterprise and government with qualifications in education and business. They are members of professional organisations such as the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), the Australian Human Resources Institute  (AHRI) and the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

The Sort Of Questions We Can Help You With...

  • How do I create the best work / career / life for me?

  • What subjects should I study at school?

  • Can you help with study options and other activities?

  • Which school, college or university is right for me?

  • Is a Trade College an option for me?

  • How can I improve my grades?

  • I didn't get the OP / ATAR I needed, what now?

  • Am I studying the right degree?

  • How do I change my current degree?

  • Where can I find suitable casual / part time work?

  • How do I go about changing my career?

  • How do I apply for further studies?

  • What skills does my child need for the future?

  • What other training should I undertake to improve my chances of gaining employment?

  • Can you help with my Resume?

  • What are Employers looking for nowadays?

  • Do I need a Covering Letter?

  • Social Media - how to set up a LinkedIn profile.

  • Can my experience be used and how?

  • Can you assist with University & Job Applications?